Opening hours

High Season4.1-10.31
Every year from April 1 to October 31Open Season OKpening Ours
Start ticket sales, open time: 8:30
Ticket time: 10:00
Stop admission time: 14:00
Closed: 17:00
Low Season11.1-3.31
Every year from April 1 to October 31Open Season OKpening Ours
Start ticket sales, open time: 8:30
Ticket time: 10:00
Stop admission time: 14:00
Closed: 17:00

Map guide

The Banpo site is a Neolithic time of more than 6,000 years ago. The site of the Daiyu Cultural Settlement, including the residential area, the pottery area and the tomb area,a lot of life excavated from the summary, Working, religious sites, tens of thousands of production tools, Living tools, decorations and other relics, a prehistoric civilization that shows the development of the Yellow River Basin,ntroducing our class to the distant years of the matriarchal clan society

Ticket service

Ticketing instructions
1. Free of charge: active military personnel, retired military personnel, revolutionary disabled soldiers, senior citizens over 65 years old, enjoying politics Special allowance for experts, retired cadres, disabled persons, and parents who are under 1.2 meters in height.
2. Half-ticket: 1.2 meters - 1.4 meters for children, students (excluding adult institutions).
3. Valid documents: Resident ID card, old age certificate, Shouxing card, disability certificate, military officer card,Soldier card, student card, student ID card.
Ticketing policy
1. Students in primary, secondary and primary schools (excluding adult education and postgraduate students) can purchase student tickets of RMB 20 per person per student card or school introduction letter.
2. Senior citizens over 60 years old (including 60 years old) with valid certificates and 50% discount on tickets.
3. Persons holding the minimum living allowance certificate for urban and rural residents in this city (with valid certificates), 50% discount on tickets.
4. Retired cadres are free to visit with a retired permit.
5. Children under 1.2 meters are exempt from ticketing.
6. Disabled persons are allowed to visit free of charge with disabled documents.
7. With the tour guide card, the tour guide will visit for free.
8. On the "March 8" Women's Day, female viewers enjoy a 50% discount on tickets.
9. Children's Day on June 1st, children under 14 years of age (including 14 years old), free to visit. Enjoy a half price discount with your parents.
10. On the "August 1st" Army Day, active military personnel will visit for free with valid documents.


1. Bus routes 105, 406, 913 can be directly reached; 11, 42, 323, 241, 401,511, 715 Road or Datang Furong Garden to Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum 307 Road Special Line to Banpo Station The car is 150 meters south.
2. Subway: Get off at Banpo Station of Metro Line 1 and walk 300 meters to the west and turn 200 meters to Banpo Road.
3. Self-driving route: There are two routes to choose from: One is to go east along Huancheng South Road to Xianning Road to the south and turn to the north to the north.
One is to cross the Chaoyangmen to the east via Changle Road to the half-slope cross and turn right to the south. Tourists who are familiar with the route You can visit the museum from the East Third Ring Banpo Interchange.
The signs from the Linyi direction to the visitors of the museum can be seen after the high-speed toll statio

Tour instructions

  • It is forbidden to park all kinds of vehicles outside the gate of the visiting area.Vehicles that are allowed to enter are parked in order at designated locations.

  • Tickets are queued in order, and tickets are collected at the entrance of the visiting area.Visitorswo enjoy the ticket discount as required are required to sow their ID.

  • It is strictly forbidden to bring in flammable, explosive and dangerouspipe products.

  • No smoking is allowed in the museum. Pets are not allowed.

  • Keep the hall quiet, it is forbidden to chase and fight, crowded,Loudly, please consciously maintain the order of the visit.

  • Love cultural relics and public property, and do not touch the exhibits at will.Do not climb or squeeze the glass sowcase to prevent the glass from rupturing. Causes damage to exhibits and injury to the body.

  • Do not climb over the railings and prohibit access to non-open areas.

  • It is forbidden to smear, scribe, or damage the sanitation of the museum.Do not litter waste.

  • All visitors should listen to the important reception or security tasks of the government. From the staff`s arrangement, cooperate with the security guards.

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